Applying for Same-Sex Partner Visa’s in Australia

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Want to Apply for a Same-Sex Partner Visa in Australia?

Quite often us at Migration Specialists are asked about the options for Australians regarding same-sex partner visa’s. Everyday we help Australians who have found their loved one in another country by bringing their partner to Australia or helping their partner stay in Australia.

People in same-sex relationships are entitled to apply for a partner visa, in order to apply for this partner visa, the couple must meet the criteria set out by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Criteria for Partner Visa for same-sex couples applications Australia includes:

  • The couple must have lived together for a period of at least the immediate past 12 months, with an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen; OR
  • Your de facto relationship was registered as a prescribed relationship in the relevant Australian state or territory legislation; and
  • Be at least 18 years of age and meet certain sponsorship criteria;
  • Meet health and character requirements;
  • Dependent family members can be included if they are eligible, and must also meet health and character requirements;
  • Your relationship must be genuine and continuing;
  • You must both have a mutual commitment to a shared life to the exclusion of all others.

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In most cases, Australian partner visas are completed in two parts. A provisional partner visa is granted first (Subclass 820 if the applicant is onshore; or a Subclass 309 if the applicant if outside of Australia). In some instances, depending on circumstances you may be eligible to apply for an permanent visa (subclass 801) straight away.

24 months after the initial application, you may be eligible to apply for a permanent visa (subclass 801). the relationship must still be ongoing. If your relationship ends whilst on the provisional visa (subclass 820) you must inform the Department of Immigration immediately.

Do You Need Help With An Australian Visa Application?

At Migration Specialists we are experienced in assisting applicants in all matters relating to Australian visa applications. Our areas of expertise include Partner Visa’s, Parent Visas, Business Visas, Skilled Migration Visas as well as Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) Review, Judicial Review and Ministerial Intervention.

If you need further help concerning your Visa Application or what avenues are available for you, you can contact us through:

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